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Municipal Tax Services, LLC (MTS) is committed to providing our clients the most accurate and efficient results. To meet this commitment, MTS utilizes an Automated License Plate Recognition System (ALPR) to acquire observations of motor vehicles. The system is portable, allowing for use in any type of vehicle and can be mounted accordingly with ease. The camera unit contains both a color photo lens and an infrared lens allowing for use at any time of day, maximizing its effectiveness.
The ALPR system incorporates a GPS platform which automatically records the date, time, and approximate location of the vehicle. Since these functions are carried out automatically, it greatly increases the speed and efficiency at which the field agent can operate and gather the raw data. This hi-tech and state-of-the-art equipment automatically detects license plates, reading the characters on the license plates, displays the images captured on the field agent’s laptop computer, and exports the data with corresponding images for later use.
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