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Municipal Tax Services, LLC (MTS) is a fully insured investigative firm. Since we routinely amass and manage information of a proprietary and confidential nature, our company is insured above the limits of liability typically requested by municipalities. We operate under the parameters set forth by the State of Connecticut for conducting investigations.

Once our services are contracted with a municipality, the local Assessor’s criterion is established and adhered to throughout the contract period. At times the Assessor may choose to adjust their criterion and MTS offers the flexibility and experience to respond to any changes. In short, the Assessor is in control of the program and their individual application of the law is the standard under which we perform our services.
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MTS maintains a secure server which assessors may access remotely with a username and password unique to each municipality. Should they care to do so, the Assessor may allow their staff to access the site. Through this site, the Assessor can view vital case materials including, but not limited to, Case Letters, Contact Logs, and Rebuttal Correspondence. These materials have restricted access by the corresponding municipality to ensure security and confidentiality of the taxpayers. Assessors are also capable of uploading essential files such as DMV data, vehicle photographs, etc. for use by MTS during investigations into potential violators.

Our office routinely provides statistical analysis of our investigations. This data includes items such as number of vehicles investigated, the number of vehicles and business entities assessed, and the net assessed value reclaimed. As changes occur in our database (adds, deletes and corrections) these statistics are automatically updated resulting in real-time analyses precisely when the data is accessed.
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