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We provide diligent and professional investigative services of unregistered and improperly registered motor vehicles regardless of their state of origin. Every vehicle is documented by a field agent with the date, time, and location recorded at the time of observation. This is the first of a multi-phased proprietary program designed by our office specifically for the investigation of motor vehicles. Although this firm does not assess or collect taxes, it provides the investigative support structure to assist the local Assessor in levying the proper assessment of motor vehicles as governed by Connecticut Law.

Personal Property

We identify and investigate business entities which are not filing annual Personal Property Declarations to report their business property for assessment to the local Assessor as required by law. Our office cross references various datapoints against the municipality’s Personal Property Grand List. Potential violators are confirmed through observations by our field agents. Once confirmed, those business entities who are not in compliance are reported to the Assessor for assessment purposes and inclusion on the Grand List.
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