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Motor Vehicle
We provide diligent and professional investigative services of unregistered and improperly registered motor vehicles regardless of their state of origin. Every vehicle is physically documented by an agent. The date, location, registration information and vehicle description is recorded as well as any specific identifying markings unique to a specific vehicle.

When sighted vehicles are unregistered, digital photographs are taken for identification purposes at a later date. If the owner is unable to be determined, then the real property owner is contacted as the next step in the investigative process. As a result the property maintains its intrinsic value and aesthetic appearance.

Although this firm does not assess or collect taxes, it provides the investigative support structure to assist the city in this endeavor.

Personal Property
We identify business entities which are not filing annual Personal Property Declarations and therefore not reporting their business property as required by law. This service utilizes our field observations, the database of business entities as recorded with the Secretary of State, various utility companies, and the DMV with data supplied by your city of those companies who are in compliance. Once identified and confirmed those business entities who are not in compliance are reported to the Assessor for assessment purposes and inclusion on the City's Grand List.

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