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Municipal Tax Services, LLC is committed to providing our clients the most accurate and efficient results. To meet this commitment we are constantly upgrading and investing in the newest technologies available. We recently established a business relationship with SecureWatch24 based out of New York City, New York. MTS purchased an Automated License Plate Recognition System (ALPR) which we utilzie as a tool in acquiring the raw data which begins the investigative process. This hi-tech and State of the Art equipment will provide real-time data and enhance the speed and efficiency at which we function. The system automatically performs its function of detecting license plates, reading the characters on the license plates, comparing the read characters to the installed database and then notifying the agent of any "hits." Since this function is carried out automatically it greatly increases the speed and accuracy at which the agent can function.

SW24 LPR Systems

SecureWatch24's patented system incorporates a GPS platform which automatically records the date, time, and location of the vehicle. The system displays the images captured on the agent's laptop computer and the data is stored in an external database for later use by the agent.

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